Chassis Manufacturers

Kyosho - Japan Website | America Website
Kyosho Corporation (京商株式会社 Kyōshō Kabushiki Kaisha) is a model car company based in Tokyo, Japan. The company’s main office is located in Chiyoda, Tokyo, and the production headquarters are located in Atsugi, Kanagawa.

The company is one of the oldest model RC car makers in Japan beginning in 1970, and produces a wide variety of products, including radio-controlled cars, planes, helicopters, and boats. In 1999 they began producing the now famous Mini Z Series 1:28th scale RC car chassis. Today Mini Z includes the MR RWD chassis, MA AWD chassis, and various other types of mini scale vehicles from Buggies to Motorcycles.

GL Racing - Website 
GL-Racing was founded by Menson Yu in 2015, winner of numerous Mini-Z world titles. Menson is also the man behind GoGoLap products and using his >10 years experience in Mini-Z, Menson formed GL-racing, as a premium brand of mini scale RC products. GL-Racing manufactures the GLA 1/27th scale AWD chassis and the GLR 1/27th scale RWD chassis.

Jomurema - Website
Jomurema manufactures the 1:28th scale JR128-R01 RWD series chassis which are high performance indoor racing cars with numerous opportunities for fine tuning and car setup.

Atomic RC - Website
Atomic RC is a company that manufactures the 1:28th scale AMZ 4WD chassis, DRZ Drift chassis, AMZ 2WD chassis, SZ 4WD Shaft Drive chassis, and the new FFZ Front wheel drive chassis.

GroundZero Racing - Website
GroundZero Racing develops some of the finest and unique products for all R/C cars fans. They currently produce the 1:28th scale SZ 4WD Shaft Drive chassis.

X-Power RC - Website
X-Power RC is a company based in Kwun Tong Kowloon, Hong Kong. They produce high quality aluminum products along with manufacturing the MRX2 1:28th scale RWD chassis, MIT 1:28th scale Touring chassis, and the IDF 1:28th scale Formula 1 chassis.

Lajf Racing - Website
Lajf Racing was founded in 2008 and is a subsidiary of Akrajol AB. They are based in Östersund, Sweden and manufacture the 1:28th scale racing chassis, The P28.

Legacy Chassis Manufacturers

  • Radioshack - Through HPI Racing, produced the the X-Mods series chassis.
  • Turnigy - Produced the TZ4 chassis.
  • TGR - Produced the chassis and body entitled “Sinister” which achieved victory at the 2007 PN Worlds.
  • GSR - Manufactured the MRCG1.1 chassis along with numerous aftermarket optional parts.

Aftermarket / Hop Up Manufacturers

AMA Engineering - Website
Manufactures motor break-in fans and stands, Mini Z wheels, and Rear Wing Spoilers.

Bye Bye Racing RnD - Website
Manufactures transponder covers, Mini Z Diffusers, adjustable body mounts, and front splitters.

DG Designs - Website
Custom airbrushing service for lexan bodies, hard bodies, and pit boards. Also provides wrap Vinyl sticker sheets, skins, T-shirts, and performance parts.

Levitezer - Website
Manufactures magnetic anti-roll suspension system for the Mini Z chassis.

KO PROPO - Website
Produces high quality transmitters, receivers, servos, and ESC boards.

PN Racing - Website
Founded in 2001, PN Racing is a leading brand in manufacturing high performance Mini-Z optional parts. World Wide Distribution is provided by Kenon Hobby.

Reflex Racing - Website
Reflex Racing based in Cypress, Texas produces pinion caddies for Mini Z RWD/AWD vehicles.

MCI Racing - Website
MCI Racing is based in Ontario, Canada where the company produces high quality decals of varying sizes.

Useful Idiot Designs - Website
Useful Idiot Designs manufactures parts of Mini Z MR Series chassis’, Mini Z F1 chassis, and wheels.

Zcuderia Bodies - Website
Alain Galluser is a 3D modeler and animator since 1999. Building and racing Mini-Z cars since 2001.

TSR - Website
Team Scream Racing is a company based in Danvers, Massachusetts. They produce motors, batteries, and battery storage products. 

Marka Racing - Website
Marka Racing is a company based in Italy, they produce a series of high performance products, optional parts and racing tires.

Garage Hiro - Website
Garage Hiro creates original body parts and aero parts for Mini Z car bodies.

Legacy Aftermarket / Hop Up Manufacturers

  • Core Analog - Produced Core Lap Timing Systems.
  • GPM Racing - Produced optional parts and tires for Mini Z chassis.
  • AtomicMods - Provided original parts and manufactured optional parts for the XMODs series 1/28th scale RC car.

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