Useful Websites

  • Mini-Z Info
    Provided by Kyosho, Mini-Z Info is the place for everything regarding Mini-Z. From Mini-Z model comparisons, instruction manuals, parts and radio compatibility tables, and body specifications. It also has a blog that has a lot of interesting information.

  • Mini-Z Guide
    The definitive Kyosho Mini-Z Racer Guide on the internet. Goes over maintenance tips, chassis setups, radio guides, FET details, tire testing data, driving techniques, and so so much more.

  • Mini Z Brasil
    Brazil has a sizable Mini Z Racing scene with it’s own league and sixteen regional clubs. Mini Z Brasil covers the events of this community.

Online Communities

    For ten years, Mini-ZRacer has been the premier online portal for Mini-Z enthusiasts. An immense amount of knowledge from over the years has amassed on this website. Search through it’s forum and you’ll be sure to find interesting conversations from years past as well as more current discussions on today’s topics within the hobby. is a member of the Tiny RC, Inc. family of web sites.

  • Tri-State Mini-Z Racers
    Started this group to have everyone work together for race coordination and tech help between each other. Mini-z seems to be coming back a bit and we all can make it better to help our local hobby shops stay in business!

  • Mini-Z World Group
    Your one stop group for anything and everything on Mini-Z, 1:27 and 1:28 RC car, stock and modify performance, photos videos and discussion anything any brand! Post your own or see others from around the world.

  • Mini-Z 1:28 World Community
    Much like the group above, this is a networking group of thousands of Mini-Z enthusiasts and racers from around the world.

YouTube Channels

  • GiostealthR1
    Provides helpful information on Mini Z RC Cars along with other types of class vehicles. Hosts Mini Z Racing live stream every Friday at 7:30pm EST from Hobby Heroes in Bronx, New York.

  • Beaver’s Hobby
    Goes over everything associated with budget 1:28 scale rc car tips, reviews, and builds.

  • Marka Santa Maria
    While a lot of his content is based off larger scale RC cars and racing; he has a lot of useful information when it comes to the hobby and very insightful in the arena of racing RC cars in general.

    Mainly content is based on 2WD buggy racing, but provides useful information on RC car racing that       can translate to smaller scale / Mini Z Racing.

Online Books

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